Landscape design ideas with boulders and large rocks

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Incorporating the immediate environment is a cornerstone of our landscape design philosophy. Melbourne and Victoria has stunning landscapes and using raw materials from the Earth allows us to compliment what we already have. In other words, instead of detracting in any way from the enjoyment of these elements, we want to enhance them.

Here at Rock Walls Melbourne, we can achieve that natural aesthetic using large boulders and rocks in landscapes. Below are a few ways you can utilise these large rocks into your landscape.

Decorative and retaining walls

As it says in our business name right up top, we love to create retaining walls and erosion control systems with these large rocks. Retaining walls are generally needed to hold back the soil or prevent erosion and while that is very functional, it can lead to very utilitarian design choices. With natural large boulders, we are able to create a natural, beautiful wall that is fit for purpose.

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A critical element that goes largely unsung are our stone stairs. These stone stairs are a feature of function primarily. With a gorgeous slab stairway built into a hillside or slope, owners can get safely from one area of the property to another while they also provide a sense of grandeur and authenticity to your space.

We typically use Colac flats as the go to option for stairs as they can be cut in large, flat pieces that work brilliantly for stairs.

Water Features

Rocks and water work beautifully together as they combine nature’s own beauty. You could create a waterfall using large boulders and pool surrounds or you can modify the rock itself and install a pump to push fresh water over the boulder. An authentic water feature!

Fire pits

There’s two ways to consider a fire pit. Either gathering a large collection of boulders and create a seating area where you can make a simple fire in the middle. The other option is taking a large boulder and drilling out a section so you can create the fire in the rock. Both options are absolutely stunning and will add sensational value to your landscapes.

Statement Piece

It’s also important to point out that a boulder truly can be a statement piece on its own. Simply using boulders and large rocks in landscaping does add a sense of interest and appeal to the design while also giving it a more natural appearance. It doesn’t always have to be part of a fire or water feature or part of a wall. One of the added benefits is that boulders contribute to a low maintenance landscape. Unlike plant material, it’s not like you have to do anything to maintain a boulder.

If you’d like to discuss your retaining wall, then contact us at Rock Walls Melbourne – we’re here to help.