Natural stone stairs to enhance your landscape

Helpful Information

With a name like Rock Walls Melbourne, it’s fair to say that our specialty lies in rock walls. But with many of our projects, it’s not just a wall we’re creating. A critical feature that goes largely unsung are our stone stairs or rock steps. These stone stairs are a feature of function primarily. They allow our customers to access different parts of their property easily however they are also fantastic on the eyes. They provide a sense of grandeur and authenticity to any landscape.

What kind of rocks to use for stone steps

We use various kinds of rocks and boulders to match a landscape but primarily, basalt and colac flats are the go to option. Colac Flats are a type of bluestone or basalt that is available in large, flat pieces. This makes them ideal for steps and stone stairs.

As mentioned, the landscape and design will dictate the choice of rock. You can choose to use a more rugged looking stone which may be a little bumpy or uneven, or you may choose to find some nice and flat stone (Colac Flats) that may be available.

Examples of stone stairs and steps

If you’d like to discuss building some stone stairs at your property, then give us a call on 1300 886 303 to discuss your project.