A recap of recent works

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COVID lock downs and 2021 is quickly becoming a distant past with a brighter future for Melbourne and the rest of the world in 2022. We wanted to collate some of our projects from 2021 and some special jobs that highlight the work we’ve been doing. We hope you enjoy!

Kallista – Before & After
Now a fully functional and usable back yard with a striking rock wall and accessible flat areas.

Before & After
We took an uneven area and added significant visual and physical structure with our basalt retaining walls.

A waterfall and pool surrounds
A waterfall! A completely novel project for us here at Rock Walls Melbourne. All of us sure were thrilled with the result

Erosion Control

Using mudstone, we built this erosion control system with steps. Mudstone can be split to form thin plates which adds to its versatility.

Did you know?
Mudstone makes up fifty percent of the sedimentary rocks in the geologic record, and are easily the most widespread deposits on Earth. Let’s utilise the beautiful material that Mother Earth gave us!

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