What is the cheapest, permit-free way to retain large amounts of soil?

Helpful Information

It’s no secret, traditional large scale retaining walls can get expensive quickly, especially when you need to build a tall retaining structure. You could pay anywhere from $300 – $700 per square metre and often those traditional methods won’t be able to become tall enough to support the mass you need it to.

So what’s the solution?

The cheapest way to permanently retain is with our 100% density erosion control system. We install the boulders at the natural angle of repose. Typically, we can even avoid permits and engineering when using this method. We do suggest to check the guidelines with your local council as the interpretation may differ from shire to shire.

How does it work?

This retaining solution uses strategically placed rock or boulders to create a barrier to hold a bank of soil in place. It is not a random dump of boulders in your backyard, especially if a larger version is being constructed. We carefully select individual rocks and boulders which are then placed one at a time using heavy machinery to ensure maximum durability of the structure.


The best part with this erosion control system is there is NO LIMIT on how high we can retain. Rather than an exponentially increasing cost per square metre, most of our projects are supplied and installed at $190m2 + GST.


Suitable for both residential and large scale commercial projects, our erosion control system can fit into any landscaping design, resulting in our system successfully blending with the natural environment. 

Key benefits of our erosion control

  • ​Rock walls emphasise nature’s beauty. 
  • They are held in place by the weight of the stones with gravity – The boulders have the weight that is needed to hold back the pressure of the soil.   
  • Boulder walls are environmental friendly.  There are no chemicals added to the boulders unlike man-made products
  • Our erosion control system preserves the natural shape of your property from uneven settlement.
  • Our system is installed by professionals who have distinct and skilled knowledge that shows off our years of experience.

We’re lovers of all kinds of retaining walls at Rock Walls Melbourne. Every project is different and requires the right system to achieve the perfect result. If you’re looking for a large scale retaining wall and love the natural look that a rock wall can provide, then we want to hear from you. Contact Jeremy on 1300 886 303 to discuss your project today!