What are gabion walls?

Helpful Information

Gabion is derived from the Italian ‘gabbione’, which means big cage – which is exactly what a gabion retaining wall is.

It consists of a system of wire mesh “cages” that hold rocks or stones in place. It is a form of gravity wall meaning the internal weight of the structure is forced back down into the earth giving incredible retaining advantages.

Example: have a look at the image above, that’s a gabion wall!

The wire baskets are held together with steel wiring. Gabion walls are widely used in commercial applications because they are efficient and long-lasting, preventing soil erosion and diverting floodwaters, so are a good long term investment. On a smaller scale, a gabion wall can make a great residential retaining wall in your backyard.

How is that different from our rock retaining walls?

A great question!

First and foremost, our rock walls are typically constructed using BIG boulders. Our boulders can be as large as 2000mm which makes for a very BIG wall. The sheer strength that these boulders provide are perfect for large scale applications. Gabion walls are most commonly found as a feature however are rock walls are significantly more economical as the wall gets taller and wider. Gabion walls are filled using any sort of heavy material such as stone, recycled builder’s rubble, timber logs, bricks or scrap steel.

Here at Rock Walls Melbourne, we specialise in large format retaining walls. Walls that are taller than 3m are not a problem for us, in fact, we encourage them. Even at that height, we can complete the job quickly and for a fraction of the price of other retaining solutions, including gabion walls. Contact us today for a free obligation-free quote.