What Are Panel & Post Retaining Walls?

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There are numerous retaining methods on the market, each with their own pro’s and con’s. Each method will have particular use cases to which it suits and other methods which are not applicable. For this post, we will highlight panel & post retaining wall solutions.

What are Panel & Post Retaining Walls?

Panel and post retaining walls are a structurally engineered, prefabricated/precast concrete retaining wall system. The system utilises galvanized steel reinforcing, and chemical additives to reinforce the concrete strength. There are 2 components to the system, the panel, which is fitted in between, the post.

What are the advantages of using this system?

As with most prefabricated products, the advantage comes from speed and consistency. Panel and post is fairly straightforward and quick to install, with some manufacturers even providing a DIY option.

In saying that, the biggest advantage is the narrow profile which is perfect for areas where space is limited. You often see project/volume builders use this kind of retaining as it’s quite cost effective and great for homes that are on small lots.

With its straight lines and clean look, panel and post can be great for outdoor features such as garden beds.

What’s the catch?

Historically, panel and post retaining was arguably not that appealing from a design perspective but there have been significant improvements in finishes that offer a more ‘premium’ look.

Whilst design is important, the biggest drawback is the limitation in how high you can build these retaining walls. Typically 1800mm to 2400mm is the maximum height you can get so for large scale retaining walls, they are simply not an option.

We’re lovers of all kinds of retaining walls here at Rock Walls Melbourne. Every project is different and requires the right system to achieve the perfect result. If you’re looking for a large scale retaining wall and love the natural look that a rock wall can provide, then we want to hear from you. Contact Jeremy on 1300 886 303 to discuss your project today!