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At Rock Walls Melbourne we also provide wholesale sales of rock. The rock is sold in tandem truck loads, approximately 10m3. Rock sizes are graded to suit your machinery. We do our best to meet any sizing requirements.

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All prices are based on a 10m3 load inc GST

We can supply all over Victoria with our competitive delivery rates

Basalt Rock

$750 per tandem load + delivery

Basalt rock is supplied either natural or split. Natural basalt has earthy brown tones. Split basalt displays more blues. Our basalt is much denser than the horrible honeycomb rock popular in the the 60s. Perfect for walling and landscaping.

Natural Basalt Rock Supplier
Split Basalt Rock Supplier

Colac Flats

$1300 per tandem load + delivery

Colac flats are also a type of basalt however they are available in large, flat pieces. This makes them ideal for steps, paths and wall capping but also very effective for landscaping in their own right.

garden rocks melbourne
garden rocks melbourne


$1400 per tandem load + delivery

The Mudstone ranges from 300mm to 2 meters. This flat type of rock is smooth and maroon in colour it provides a lavish, more formal look. Mudstone is characterised by flat faces and square edges making it suited for stepping stones, steps, landscaping and vertical walling.

Mudstone Rock Supplier Melbourne
Mudstone Rock Supplier Melbourne

Yellow Granite

$1400 per tandem load + delivery

The granite boulders are smooth edged and typically have a rounded shape. The granite is ideal for widespread applications including around ponds and dry river beds, construction, feature rock, and general garden applications.

Granite Boulders

Typical Rock Sizes

  • Under 600mm
  • 600mm – 1000mm
  • 800mm – 1500mm
  • 1000mm – 2000mm
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