How stone can help control water erosion in your landscape

Helpful Information

Erosion is a common issue that can cause you a lot of grief. Controlling erosion is one of our most requested services because one of the most effective solutions is the strategic usage of stones and boulders.

Unlike man-made products (such as concrete) or other natural products (wood) which will generally break down over time, a good hard rock is the most durable option available. Here in Victoria, we are fortunate to have plenty of high quality boulders readily available and for a comparatively inexpensive price.

Areas that are most susceptible to water erosion include slopes, areas around naturally flowing water during rain events and non-vegetated areas. Another area that can benefit from the addition of rocks is under downpipes, as it can help disperse the energy of the water channeled from gutters.

Methods of control

The two main methods of using stone to control erosion are retaining walls and dry streambeds.

Retaining walls are fantastic for sloping landscapes particularly as they prevent water from creating major issues. Terraced retaining walls slow the flow of water by forcing it across flat areas before reaching the next “vertical” section of retaining wall. Erosion control walls is one where they add beauty as well as usability of your space. Rather than having one long, sloping section of land, you’re creating multiple flat spaces on the property.

The other common application for stone in erosion situations is creating a dry streambed in areas where water occasionally flows during a rain event.

If you’d like to discuss an erosion control solution using boulders, then contact us at Rock Walls Melbourne – we’re here to help.