Featured Project: Repairing a failed mudstone retaining wall in Greensborough


We were called in to rebuild a failed mudstone retaining wall in Greensborough.

The site had major access issues and the very real danger of falling 100 metres down to the river bed below.

Some major nerves were required to access. Once we were established in the backyard, it was time for demolition.

Here you can see the cross section of a very poorly built mass rock wall.

We’ve now removed the wall but we weren’t happy with the deck foundations. The foundation piers were leaning and not founded into solid ground. We called the engineer back to reassess.

After the engineers assessment came back, we installed structural steel and bolted it to the new engineered footing that we just installed to reinforce the deck.

Now the wall was rebuilt properly using stone masonry theories, engineered drawings and a registered builder!

The end cost of this failed retaining wall to the client was in excess of $100,000 more than it needed to be on top of an 18 month nightmare.

But the finished product looked fantastic and it’s built to last for life.

Don’t risk it, use a registered builder.